From a Parent:

"The staff has been very carefully selected for their integrity and dedication as well as their credentials and accomplishments.  The staff tends to be really good role models - so important for our youth. In addition, the adults at Four Rivers help to create a culture which is respectful and safe."


Sarah Brown-Anson, 2008

I currently live in Lake Pleasant, MA and am working through graduate school at UMass, where I'm pursuing a Master's degree in Public Policy and Administration. I work part-time at an immigration law firm in Northampton and am always looking for ways to learn more about immigration policy and related issues. In 2013 I got my Bachelor of Arts degree from Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana. My degree is in Comparative Languages and Linguistics, with a minor in history. I love combining travel with language learning, and have spent time in Guatemala, Mexico, and France (several times) since high school. 

Rachael Cattel, 2009

Upon graduation, I attended Sage College of Albany and majored in Graphic + Media Design. After that, I had a brief stint in retail, while doing freelance illustration & photography on the side. Currently, I live in New York City with three rescue cats, making ends meet as a Creative Content Manager, designing websites, fliers & marketing materials in my day job, as well as working on my own business selling illustrations & nerd flair on the side. 

Kyle Deaver, 2008

After graduating from Four Rivers I earned my BS in Environmental Sciences from the University of Vermont in 2012 with a minor in Geospatial Technologies. In 2014 I moved back to Western Mass and obtained my EMT-Basic certification before moving to Boston and working as an EMT. Having decided on medicine I was accepted to the baccalaureate premedical program at the University of Vermont where I earned my EMT-Advanced certification and preparing for application to Physician Assistant programs. 

Kai DeLorenzo, 2016

After Four Rivers, I took a gap semester to travel and do an Outward Bound course in Costa Rica. Since then, I've been mainly studying computer science and Spanish at Middlebury College, Vermont. With a linguistics minor, I'm hoping to go into the field of natural language processing. While at college, I continue to play ultimate and being part of the team and larger community has been a blast.

Genlyne Fiske-White, 2014

After graduating from Four Rivers, I received a BS in Wildlife Biology and a Minor in Psychology from Unity College in Unity, ME. While attending Unity I completed an internship with the Biodiversity Research Institute in South Portland, ME banding birds during the spring migration and summer breeding periods. Since receiving my degree, I have worked as a songbird technician in Roundup, MT studying agricultural grazing effects on grassland birds' nest success, and in Otto, NC studying habitat suitability for Black-throated Blue Warblers within the Nantahala National Forest.

Tess Grogan, 2010

I received a BA in English literature from Smith College in 2014. I lived in Fife, Scotland between 2015 and 2017, completing a master's degree in Renaissance literature at the University of St. Andrews. I am now back in the US pursuing a PhD at Yale University in Connecticut, where my research focuses on gender and violence in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century epic romance.

Noah Hellmund, 2013

I ended up transferring away from my first college for my senior year to Western State Colorado University where I have been invited to continue my studies for a Masters in Environmental Management. The one thing that has stayed constant since attending Four Rivers has been the environment, from teaching in the San Bernardino Mountains to fighting California Mega fires with the USFS. Wildland fire is my main focus now with my professional and academic life. At WSCU I have been going out of my way to study the effects of fire on landscapes by working to recreate the fire history of the Southern Gunnison basin using dendrochronology, most free time is spent preparing tree samples and counting and measuring tree rings. 

Asher Kennan, 2014

After graduating from Four Rivers, I attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I also became a member of Alpha Epsilon Pi, a fraternity on campus. I majored in Economics with a minor in Statistics and Analytics, with the goal of transitioning into finance after graduation. After my junior year, I interned at HBK Capital Management, a large Hedge Fund based in Dallas, TX. After completing my degree in May 2018, I will be assuming an Analyst role at Banks Street Partners, a boutique Investment Bank located in Atlanta, GA. 

Alexis Lambert, 2014

After attending Four Rivers, I went to Framingham State University and graduated with my BA in English with a minor in Geography. Since then I have held different types of positions trying to find my passion in the workforce. After having my daughter I knew my only passion was to be the most amazing mother to my children. I am currently married to my fellow alumnus Ryan Lambert and we have two beautiful children, Addison and Everleigh. We currently live in Greenfield MA.

Emi Link, 2014

After graduating I spent a gap year designing and building a tiny house and have continued to work on it each summer since starting college. I was at The Evergreen State College for a year and then transferred to Hampshire College. Last semester I did an independent field study abroad in Nicaragua, Belize, and Guatemala, strengthening my Spanish and learning about resilient communities and permaculture. Next year I plan to deepen my studies of water resources and explore use of permaculture practices for resisting drought. 

Gary Marsden, 2011

I went to school in Vermont at the Killington School of Resort Management and graduated in 2014. Since then I continued to work at Killington before joining the National Parks Service and moving out to Utah to work at Capitol Reef National Park in 2016. I spent some time traveling around between Utah, Colorado working for another ski resort, and Montana working at Glacier National Park, before settling down in Provo UT to get my masters degree with my partner. More moves are in our future together once school is done, and no where in the world is off the table as a potential place for us to start our family.

Javier Naranjo, 2010

Currently I am a brewer and Chief Operations Officer at Black Star Line Brewing Company in Hendersonville, North Carolina. While at Four Rivers, I was the student who always, and I mean always, had the end of the term crunch. Panic ensued every year. I had no real passions in school and life just seemed too open ended for me to feel like I had any say in my destiny. Teachers and dear friends at the school helped keep my head above water and in my last year of high school I took Chemistry. I had a wonderful teacher (shout out Mrs. Fagan!!). I graduated high school and majored in Chemistry the following year. Life after school remains open ended, but I now have a set of lenses to look out through. While I currently work in the craft beer industry, I plan on using my education to experience all that I can. Maybe I'll be a farmer, an ecologist, a teacher. I deal with the open ended-ness of life better now. If you are a student who thinks you are even the tiniest bit like me, it can get better! 

Max Perham, 2011

Graduated from UMass Amherst in 2015 with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. Accepted to Graduate school at Stanford University in California, completed my Masters in 2017. Currently working for Space Systems Loral in Silicon Valley California.

Dovrah Plotkin, 2009

Enjoying my time in Western Mass. After taking a year off to finish school, I joined the Four Rivers team as the Div 2 Assistant Teacher. 

Sarah Slade, 2017

I went on a 16 day private rafting trip down the Grand Canyon. Then I spent 3 weeks in Nepal, for 12 days I was trekking though small villages experiencing the traditional Nepali lifestyle. Now I am living and traveling in Australia! 

RJ Silva, 2017

Since graduating Four Rivers, I've definitely had a fair share of changes. As college was not as reasonable of an option for me right away, I decided as a 17 year old kid, to move internationally to a 3rd world country, of an entirely different language, for 6 months. Residing in Antigua, Guatemala, I'm learning Spanish and volunteering at a multitude of facilities each day. I've mainly been working in domestic animal shelters (cats & dogs), but have also volunteered in exotic animal rehab centers (snakes, lizards, turtles, etc..), and in homes for mentally & physically disabled children and adults. I've traveled down to the coasts of El Salvador for a bit, have multiple volcanos still to climb, and am making plans to travel even more across the US once home :)

Ashley Tardif, 2012

After graduating from Four Rivers I went to UMass Amherst where I received my BS in Wildlife Conservation. During that time I fell in love with dance so, after graduating in 2016, I moved to the Boston area. I'm a GIS Analyst at a geospatial consulting firm and have danced contra, blues, waltz, zouk, and fusion. Currently, my free time is devoted to West Coast Swing, which I also compete in. In September 2020 I am hoping to go to graduate school in either the UK or Ireland for my Masters in Wildlife Conservation. I took a month of leave in 2018 to study jaguars and other wild cat species in Belize; one day I hope to use my GIS and conservation knowledge to protect endangered and threatened small wild cat species around the world.


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