From a Parent:

"The teachers are AMAZING! Every teacher, EVERY one of them, show a love for what they're doing, enormous dedication, and an intense interest in and specific knowledge of my child. Their breadth of knowledge is highly impressive. There is no air that they will give out work sheets and look forward to retirement. They really care that EVERY student learns to the highest level possible and gladly give of their time to make sure that students learn the things they are wrestling with. Students should not have just one shot at learning something."

Two times each year, once in November and once in April, Four Rivers students and teachers come together in a unique aspect of the school program called Intensives.  Each multi-day Intensives session consists of a break from the typical weekly schedule so that teachers and students in mixed grade groups can focus their collective energy on one distinct, exciting learning experience. For example, in the fall of 2010, one group of students and teachers crafted paintings and collage while others went rock climbing.  Other ventures included a series of hands-on science experiments, music performance and production, and winter camping.