From a Parent:

"The projects that my son's class has completed have not only given him a sound education in the subjects, but have often had an impact on the larger community. He seems at ease and looks like himself at the end of the day. Amazingly, all the staff are smiling at pick up time after a long day with a bunch of teenagers! Expectations are clear and the ceiling is high. The staff is constantly expanding its capacity to meet the needs of the students and thoughtfully extending the range of what can be offered at the school."


Each student at Four Rivers is a member of a Crew, comprised of 10 to 13 students and led by one of the full-time faculty members known as the student’s advisor. The Crews meet briefly each morning to start the day, at the close of each day and two times a week for extended time together. The Crew Program is a central element in the program of Four Rivers, and it supports the academic and character goals of the school in these ways:


  • Academic: The advisor monitors the overall academic progress of the students in his or her crew, working with other teachers and individual students to ensure the student is learning to his or her best. The advisor works with his or her advisees to prepare for student-led conferences with parents and the advisor in the middle of each semester, and convenes other meetings as needed.
  • Character and Community: Through crew meetings, Community Meetings and special activities, the Crew Program works to foster growth in character and a positive school culture. Crew activities include rotating duties in clean-up after lunch or at the end of the day; goal-setting to achieve each student’s “personal best”; exploring the school’s character virtues and ways to strengthen the school community; team-building activities and celebrations, and leading Community Meetings. Each crew is also responsible for a substantial service project each year in grades 7-10; and in grades 11 and 12 individual advisees are responsible for a significant service project.
  • Parent Communication: The advisor is the primary contact for parents over general academic and behavior issues of students in his or her crew. The advisor may call parents with a question or concern, and parents may call or e-mail the advisor as need arises. (Matters limited to a specific class may best be dealt with directly between the parents, student and that teacher, and policy or school-wide questions should be addressed to the Principal.)