From a Parent:

"I like the emphasis the teaching approach places on effort-based learning through the use of clear expectations for standards and through the practice of work revisions. This is an important character development piece."


The high school program at Four Rivers offers a blend of challenging coursework leading to a solid preparation for college and increasing opportunities for independent work.

8:00 Morning crew: High school students start their day with their advisors, where they order lunch and their advisor takes attendance. There is time for discussions, informal check-ins and intentional circle conversations. Students have an hour-long crew once per week for longer activities, outings, or service projects that help us to build a sense of community.

8:10 -11:45 Students are in 50 min. Core class periods, taking Science, Math, Social Studies, English and Spanish. Sometimes classes are combined to allow students to work on interdisciplinary projects and learning expeditions

There are two high school lunches, one at 10:55 and the other at 11:45. During lunch, students eat in the Common Room or, in nice weather, outside. Seniors are able to sign out for lunch.

12:15-3:00 There are three periods after lunch. Students will continue to take core classes and a few times a week will have a study hall. Twice a week, all students have the choice of Art, Music, Nature or Technology classes, and in 9th and 10th grade, students have wellness/physical education classes four times per week. Juniors and Seniors have a wellness period and also special classes in which they plan their internships and senior projects.